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about me

Born and raised in small villages and towns cow tipping, playing in the woods and sports pretty much dominated my life till I found my new best friend: a 15 year-old Commodore C64. We spend great times together when all of my friends already played with a windows PC. (That probably describes why I became a copywriter instead of an art director.)

I never dreamed of becoming an Adman. Growing up I always wanted to be either a tennis professional, a screenwriter for american Sitcoms or a FBI Profiler. But being German and not good enough at tennis killed all three professions and so advertising somehow happened to me. But when I found myself winning the international HEAD Tennis account and shooting comedic commercials with my childhood idols I thought: FAIR ENOUGH.

Today I am a creative director, an average Call of Duty player, an institution in table tennis (seriously I own it) and still addicted to american Sitcoms and Series.




M&C SAATCHI : Berlin
Creative Director 2010 – present
Oxfam . Havana Club . Siemens . kinder Riegel . Raffaello . kinder Schoko-Bons . Ferrero Küsschen


Aimaq v. Lobenstein : Berlin
Creative 2008 – 2010
HEAD . nutella . ERGO . Hülsta . Mini . kinder Überraschung


M&C SAATCHI : Berlin
Creative 2007 – 2008
Coca Cola . Apollinaris . ViO . Die Grünen . kinder Riegel . Screenwriters Guild of Germany


DDB : Berlin
Freelancer  2006 – 2007
Volkswagen . Deutsche Bahn AG . Atari . Emporia


diffferent : Berlin
Planning Intern 2005 – 2006
Volkswagen . Die Zeit




Institute of Marketing & Communication : Wiesbaden
Marketing & Communication program : 2003 – 2005
graduated as Bachelor, Communication & business


HKB business consultancy : Koblenz
vocational education and training : 2001 – 2003
graduated assistant tax consultant (SAY WHAAAAAAT?!)